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The Great Harvest of the Post-Allah World

Beginning 27 centuries ago, God foretold the return of all the Jews to the land He had given them—Israel. He foretold this before they were exiled the first time to Babylon and centuries before they were banished from their land the second time by the Romans. This ultimate return would be completed around an event often called the war of Gog and Magog. God gives an incredible amount of details about the return of the Jews to their land and about this war in the message of Ezekiel and of other prophets as well. This war is a historical game changer; nothing will be quite the same after. It has a single leitmotif though: the greatest harvest of souls—Jews and Gentiles—in the history of mankind. As a reactionary consequence to this, Gog and Magog also ushers in the worldwide polarization of evil that will make the ascendency and the success of the Anti-Christ possible. Gog and Magog is a pivotal event.IF you know Jesus and IF you know YHWH, then you know that Jesus will not bring the Great Commission to a close because it has petered out and nothing could revitalize it. All power of heaven and earth has been placed in Jesus’ hand, so Jesus cannot lose, and He will not exit His plan to avoid annihilation! His hand will never be forced. Some momentous events in our very near future will trigger the largest single-generation harvest of the Great Commission.



 The stranger seemed stressed. A cup of hot coffee in one hand, with a smartphone squeezed between two knuckles. In the other hand, a small paper plate with an apple fritter on top and a few paper napkins bunched up underneath the plate.“May I sit here with you?” The place was packed. It was to be expected at a quarter to eight in the morning, on a workday.“Of course you may,” answered Andrew, focusing now on the stranger.Andrew pushed the second chair out from the table using his right foot, making it easier for the young man to take a seat and put his stuff down on the table. Andrew was not in a hurry; he had ceased to be in hurry a few years back. Severe health issues had “slowed him down some.” Plus, today, he did not have to be anywhere until early afternoon, when he would pick up his wife returning from visiting her folks from out of state.Not for the first time in the last few months, he reveled in the luxury of “time.” Years ago, he had prayed for time: time to do things right, time to conduct business correctly, time to wait for the right moment and circumstances…time. God had given him that. Often, too much of it, it seemed. But time was now his gift; he would have it for as long as he lived. Which, if he believed his doctors, would not be a long stretch anyway. He only believed them partially. The spark inside would not die, so who knows?


My Mission

Long ago, through Ezekiel chapters 2 and 3, the Lord specifically tasked me:
                         Say to them, this is what the Sovereign GOD says.

Them being people who claim to know Jesus and through Him, God. I must carry out His mandate, using what the scriptures actually say and mean, whether people listen or fail to listen. The message goes out through books, face-to-face encounters or public speaking, as well as other media.

In our country, most everyone has heard of Jesus and GOD (Adonai, YHWH, ADONAI Elohim). Yet, our nation has turned against GOD and broken away from Him. Because God loves these people, He specifically warns them. There are those who have rejected the truth, who have rebelled against the true GOD as well as those who have not rejected the truth but are being pulled onto the slippery slope of relativism and hedonism that leads to outright rebellion.

GOD only called me to be a watchman and messenger. I pass on GOD’s warnings, even rebukes. I don’t choose the message. I have no pet theory. I do not have a cause nor will I be the mouthpiece for someone else’s cause. I do not want a following, nor am I looking for a pastorate. This is a specific assignment—a series of assignments.

I go wherever GOD sends me, to whomever He sends me—individual or group—to say:

                                                      This is what God says…

Woe to me if I don’t give the warning. My assignment is not to persuade; but to lay out biblical facts. The hearer alone is responsible for his/her response. Woe to him if he discards the warning.

Nr3 International created this platform to assist in broadcasting messages through various media. It supports the distribution of books (print and digital), it can be used to arrange public speaking engagements and to receive your personal questions. It allows for your questions to be considered privately and usually answered; however, this website does not provide a public forum for people’s theological or social druthers. It will not become a debating venue. This explains why your comments will not be publicly posted as they routinely would be on social media.

This platform exists to disseminate what God’s Word says.

I desire one thing from you: will you pray for me and alongside me?

                                  Thank you,

                                              Pierre-Louis Ours

Speaking Requests

                    Readers of my books have asked me if I would address their church or groups. To this end, they have suggested that I provide a general introductory synopsis for pastors and leaders who may not have read the books.

                    Because my bio can be found on the webpage (or at the end of my books), this document will not provide a curriculum vitae but will describe the possible subjects for public presentations.

                    My God-given task is to say to Americans: “This is what God says…” using His Word. Whether they…


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TOMORROW is the fruit of choices made TODAY

– Pierre-Louis Ours

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